TCSD meets to develop STEM program

Todd County School District hosted a meeting on Friday with elementary, middle school and high school teachers and administrators, focused on STEM education. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. STEM education helps create critical thinkers, increase science literacy, and provides skills that enable students to meet the recruitment requirements of local industries.

Superintendent Ed Oyler, school faculty, and staff want to prioritize, identify and teach skills that students need to find careers in growing area industries. TCSD is working to develop a curriculum and K-12 program that integrates cross curriculum concepts that provide opportunities, incorporate employability skills and provide project-based learning to spark student creativity and learning.

Oyler stated after multiple meetings with Novelis, Inc., the company wants to recruit people from the area, and ensure that they can hire a workforce that can achieve goals and sustain success with the company long term.

"We're going to need a number of highly talented people to fill the skill set of the new jobs in our local area. Likewise, our district must change how and what we teach to meet the growing changes and needs of industry" said Oyler, "And if we don't start the work with initiatives like STEM education, our students will be behind applicants who have been exposed to STEM."

Building STEM education program at Todd County Schools is an important part of Todd County's educational opportunities.  By supporting a STEM program, TCSD can provide students with opportunities, work ready skills, and create a culture of career and post-secondary opportunities locally. Todd County Schools wants to provide students with opportunities and the ability to fulfill the workforce required by Novelis and other local businesses.

Novelis, Inc. broke ground in Guthrie in May and will initially create approximately 125 new jobs. With the construction of the Guthrie plant, this facility is the newest Novelis facility built in North America in 30 years.

This investment is the latest addition to Novelis’ extensive network of automotive finishing lines. More than 200 different models on the road today feature Novelis aluminum. Many of the world’s premier brands including FCA, Ford, GM, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota have called on Novelis to help design the safest, strongest and most durable cars and trucks.