Todd County Preschool hosts Dr. Jean Feldman

Todd County Preschool had the honor of hosting Dr. Jean Rosenberg Feldman, an Early Childhood Consultant. Better known as Dr. Jean, Dr. Jean is a well-known American teacher, author, and musical artist, recognized for her acclaimed children's learning songs. On Thursday evening Dr. Jean presented and performed some of her most well-known learning songs, accompanied by children from Todd County Preschool and Todd County Child Care. Each preschool participant received a free book and educational activity.

Dr. Jean explained that the videos may seem funny to the average online audience, but in reality, they are made to help children learn and grow.

"The more senses you activate, the more likely the message will get to the brain. When children use a device, it’s tap and swipe. When they sing they move, talk, and respond with their whole bodies. A key to learning is 'purposeful practice for automaticity'," Dr. Jean said. "In other words, you have to repeat things over and over. That’s the beauty of a song because children will want to repeat it. Music turns learning into play and music is the dessert in the classroom." You can view Dr. Jean’s Learning Videos on her YouTube Channel, Dr. Jean Feldman Songs

A great thanks to the Todd County Schools Preschool Coordinators and Staff for offering and organizing the event!