Seniors Take Part in Industry Tour

On Tuesday 26 TCCHS Seniors were hosted by two businesses in Hopkinsville, Kentucky for an up close and hands-on day spent touring Ebonite International and Toyoda Gosei Automotive Sealing Kentucky LLC (TGASK). Students were given a behind the scenes tour and received an abundance of advice and information about what it takes to be successful after graduation. There was a lot of great information given about internships, apprenticeships and suggestions for things to major in for future employment at the both locations.

Some of the best advice that was given was that not everyone is meant to pursue a four-year degree, and that is okay. Vocational training is just as important as those that choose to attend a university. Students toured the facilities, spoke to employers and learned about skills to help them get hired and advance in a career. Students learned about the importance of quality control and inspection programs. Throughout the day, plant owners and representatives provided career pathway advice stressing the importance of soft skills like teamwork, dependability and customer service. The need for skilled workers is not diminishing. Providing opportunities and industry tours like these are a way to reach out to our community and students so they understand that they do not need to relocate to find a good job.

The tour was coordinated by Rachel Westerman, TCCHS Career Counselor. The job of Career Counselor was established for the purpose of assisting students in understanding their choices for post-secondary education and career training. Mrs. Westerman works to provide information and/or direction to students, parents, teachers, and administrators about career and educational services available to eligible students, and promoting programs with students, staff and parents. Mrs. Westerman guides our students in determining their interests and abilities and counsel individual learners, working with them to aid in the development of both hard and soft skills. Her enthusiasm and efforts are an asset to TCCHS staff and students.