Experience in Workplace Principals

Mrs. Nina Poe
Exceptional Students
2018-2019 School Year

Course Description

Welcome to Experience in Workplace Principals 600189
Experience in Workplace Principles examines the skills, needed to adapt to changing demands and expectations. The course includes, but is not limited to, problem solving, teamwork, time management, and self-management skills. Job-seeking and job-retention skills are taught through the development of resumes and job search materials. Special focus is given to the Kentucky Employability and Foundational Academic Standards. All materials and activities presented are differentiated to meet individual student needs. The following standards are addressed in this course:
Student keeps up with personal belongings and tools at school and work.
Student arrives on time and maintains punctuality at school and work.
Student follows rules at the worksite.
Student respects the opinions of other people in the workplace.
Student demonstrates the use of good manners.
Student asks questions and seeks guidance at worksite.
Student completes forms and other materials pertaining to time worked, leave and other required information for employer or school.
Student uses proper guidelines in applying for a job.
Student listens to questions and answers with more than one word during an interview.
Student uses time wisely at the worksite.
Student follows directions for recording time at work.