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  Administrative Forms  
KHSAA Physical Form/ Athletic Physical Form 5/15/2017

TCCHS 2017-2018 Student Handbook 8/17/2017

TCCHS CSIP 2016-17 7/26/2017

TCCHS SB1 Program Review 2016-17 7/26/2017

Teacher Observation Forms 10/24/2016

Teacher Pre-Observation Forms

Teacher Post-Observation Forms


Please complete prior to observation and post form will be completed after observation.

Todd County Certified Evaluation Plan 9/22/2017

Todd County Schools' Hall of Fame Nomination Form 1/30/2017

The Todd County High Schools’ Hall of Fame has the following charter:

The Todd County High Schools’ Hall of Fame has been established to recognize alumni and staff of the Todd County High Schools who have made significant achievements in their chosen fields or professional services and made noteworthy contributions to society on a local, national or international level.  The recognition of alumni who have become outstanding citizens will provide current students with positive role models in their own lives. 

A committee, made up of former Todd County students and community members, developed the Todd County Hall of Fame.  A set of criteria has been set forth to help inform citizens who would like to nominate an individual for induction into the Hall of Fame. A nomination form, along with those criteria, is available.  Also, anyone can nominate a person for the Hall.  

For additional information, please contact Mr. Fred Harper:

By email:

Or by phone at:  (270) 265-3687

Accounting Procedures for Kentucky School Activity Funds “Redbook” 8/22/2016