Individualized Career Work Experience-Mrs. Poe

Mrs. Nina Poe
Exceptional Students
2018-2019 School Year

Course Description

Career Work Experience is a course at the secondary level focusing on work experiences for students. This course includes a related class and work based learning experiences in the local community. Special focus is given to the Kentucky Employability and Foundational Academic Standards. All materials and activities presented are differentiated to meet individual student needs. The following are standards that are addressed in this course:
Student meets work standards for the amount of work to complete and how well it is done.
Student follows rules at the worksite.
Student exhibits loyalty to the employer.
Student asks questions an seeks guidance at worksite.
Student gets information from supervisors.
Student recognizes and uses symbols, signs, and maps when traveling to and from a job.
Student uses equipment and supplies safely as directed by teacher, supervisor or other adult.
Student develops training plan for occupational work experiences.